Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rock on!

Cambridge isn’t exactly high on the list of places well known for rocky outcrops, let alone mountains, so it always used to puzzle me why there should be a pub called The Rock (or properly, The Rock Hotel) – even more so when its signboard showed a mountaineer staring up at . . . what? The Matterhorne? Everest?

The Rock Hotel, Cambridge; previous sign (to 2008)

Then I found out that this area of Cambridge was developed by the Rock Freehold Land Society. That’ll be why, then. (The pub itself was first listed in Kelly’s Directory in 1904.)

Formerly a Sky Sports and music venue, the place got smartened up in 2008, including (of course) a nice new sign to fit its nice new image.

The Rock, Cambridge: new signboard 2008

Yes, well. One of Greene King’s ‘arty’ efforts, which probably looks great in the art department and on branded items inside, but doesn’t really stand out and catch the eye if you’re more than about 50 yards away.

At least the old one had some colour to it.

Update: The pub sits on the junction of Cherry Hinton Road and Blinco Grove. Charles Blinco was surveyor to the Rock Freehold Land Society, which cements the association.
Ronald Grey and Derek Stubbings, Cambridge Street-names: Their origins and associations, CUP, 2000

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