Monday, 18 April 2011

What the dickens?!

The Charles Dickens, Quai de la Douane, Bordeaux
(OK, this isn't in England as such, but as far as I'm concerned any bit of the Angevin Empire still counts, Battle of Castillon notwithstanding.)
Wandering round Bordeaux last September (as you do) my eyes were irresistibly drawn to this:
Er, yes, well. If you can bear to look closely (but I don’t recommend it for long), you will see that the not-at-all anachronistic Routemaster bus (which seems to be going the wrong way round Parliament Square’s one-way system, but never mind, eh?) is arrayed in the livery of Charles Wells Bombardier, the self-appointed ‘Drink of England’ (which you wouldn’t catch this Englishman drinking if it was the last beer on earth).
Oh, and let's not mention that the Union Flag on the waistcoat is upside-down. . .
Makes you proud to be British English, don’t it?

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